Chalet Belgium

Only 89.000 € instead of 92.630 €

Only 89.000 € instead of 92.630 €

Only 3 pcs. available (2021)
6 pcs. available (2022)

Ready for immediate shipment

The model Belgium is perfectly suitable as a vacation home.

Just under 11 m in length and 4.340 m in width
Exterior wood with Isicompact
Double glazed windows
IPE steel chassis
Ventilated underbody
15er wall thickness
Fully equipped kitchen
Full bathroom with ventilation system with a 90/90 er
shower and glass wall
2 bedrooms with 2 single beds and a double bed
in each bedroom a wardrobe system
complete LED lighting
TV connection
Gas heating system (changeable to infrared)
Large floor to ceiling windows
Open ceiling system
Dark industrial decorative wall
Plug-in floors and LEDs see drawing

This model is available in length x width: 1100 cm x 434 cm

If you are interested in a house as a primary residence on a PRIVATE PROPERTY, all houses up to 50 sqm are possible. The houses Copenhagen and California are possible up to 56 sqm. We do not plan houses over 56 sqm for a PRIMARY RESIDENCE ON A PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Exception: On camp-sites, holiday plots or plots that do not prescribe GEG 2020, houses up to 70 sqm are easily possible. Whether as a primary residence, second home or as a holiday home.