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Chalet Amrum

Chalet Amrum makes a perfect holiday home. With its modern look, the chalet is an eye-catcher in any environment! The large, light-flooded living room is especially nice for an optimal view outside.


  • IPE steel pro fil chassis
  • Wooden frame
  • Outdoor lamp connection
  • winter-proof mineral wool insulation
  • Windows with synthetic frames and double glazing
  • Windows incl. ventilation slots in colour
  • Partially glazed entrance door
  • Gable roof
  • Galvanised rainwater pipe


  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Full bathroom
  • 2 bedrooms (1x with double bed, 1x with two single beds)
  • wardrobe system in each bedroom
  • LED lighting
  • TV connection
  • Infrared heating system
  • Large floor to ceiling windows
  • Design vinyl flooring

This is what you can choose for Chalet Amrum:
The Chalet Amrum is not an on-demand product, but a serial production where the house is already planned so that we can ensure short-term availability and a fixed price. For this reason, no changes can be made by the customer. Before you exclude this size for yourself, you are welcome to make an appointment at one of our show grounds and allow us to convince you of the spaciousness.

Depending on the house, you have the option to choose between different proposed floor plans. Make an appointment at one of our two local showrooms and let yourself be inspired by the models and different floor plans. After all, the houses look different in live than their numbers, lengths and widths on paper.


Chalet Amrum

The chalet can be seen at the show ground in Flensburg.