Chalet Black Forest

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The Chalet can be viewed on our exhibition site in Zierenberg, Germany.

Chalet Black Forest

On 50 sqm we have managed to create 2 bedrooms in the downstairs area and 2 alcoves above.

There is a living room and dining room with an open kitchen, as well as a bathroom and a storage room. The entrance is protected by a roof, and a partition wall between the living/dining area and entrance area also serves as a cloakroom solution.

The outer dimensions of the Chalet in the pictures: 12.40 m x 5.10 m.

This is what you can choose while planning the house individually:

  • a layout from 3 – 5 different templates (which you can find in the downloadable flyer)
  • your personal design (which you can choose from our samples)
  • exterior facade
  • interior walls
  • floors
  • bathroom panelling
  • kitchen colour
  • brand of the individual kitchen appliances
  • window colour
  • socket colour
  • type of heating system
  • radiator colour
  • colour of built-in cupboards
  • roofing colour
  • roof drainage colour
  • windows with or without muntins
  • type of roofing (standing seam sheet metal or faux roof tiles)

additional options:

  • compact air conditioning unit
  • blinds
  • box-spring bed
  • mirror of an existing floor plan

Once you have chosen the layout from our templates, you cannot change it anymore. Roof inclination and roof shape are also prescribed. You do, however, have the chance to design your house according to your taste and wishes and combine the colours so that it fits you perfectly. In a planning consultation, you will be supported in your choices by one of our competent employees.

 In this way, any of our layouts can be realised in the style of a particular model – or in your own personal style.

 Important information!
We construct our small but excellent Chalets with up to 50 sqm living area. Our model Copenhagen can be constructed with 56 sqm, and is eligible for KfW subsidies. Before you rule out this “small” size, feel free to make an appointment at one of our exhibition sites and see for yourself how spacious this small space really is. You have the option of choosing between different proposed floor plans, depending on the house.

Make an appointment at one of our two local branches, and let the models and different floor plans inspire you. In real life, the houses have a different impact than numbers, lengths and widths on paper.

The Chalet Black Forest is available in the following dimensions:

12,40 m length x 5,10 m width


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