Chalet Finland

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Mobile Chalet Finland

Our small and cosy Chalet Finland. A perfect house to spend your holidays in. Underneath the double bed is a trundle bed, so the house can be used for a family with children, and there is also enough space for a four-legged friend in the living area. The dining table is to the right of the entrance, and the large wardrobe is on left of the bed. The highlights of this house are the special, rough brushed wood and the Scandinavian room layout… completely open-plan! Modern meets rustic and cosy. 


  • timber studding
  • steel chassis
  • windows with plastic frames and double glazing
  • winter-proof insulation (various insulation levels)
  • interior and exterior wooden cladding
  • exterior water tap and exterior socket if desired
  • pitched roof
  • exterior facade: Siberian larch, painted blue
  • rainwater pipes Scandinavian design (white)


  • fully equipped kitchen (individually plannable)
  • fully equipped bathroom (individually plannable)
  • 1 bedroom possible
  • box-spring bed
  • LED lighting
  • TV connection
  • washing machine connection planned
  • infra-red heating system (changeable to gas)
  • large floor-length windows
  • design floorinterior walls Thermowood (Mocopinus Natur)

If you are interested in a house as a primary residence on a PRIVATE PROPERTY, all houses up to 50 sqm are possible. The houses Copenhagen and California are possible up to 56 sqm. We do not plan houses over 56 sqm for a PRIMARY RESIDENCE ON A PRIVATE PROPERTY. Exception: On camp-sites, holiday plots or plots that do not prescribe GEG 2020, houses up to 70 sqm are easily possible. Whether as a primary residence, second home or as a holiday home.