Chalet Lapland

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Chalet Lapland

You can retreat here to just 26 sqm, and enjoy the rustic yet timeless look. The house Lapland as a Chalet is perfectly suited for larger people. With our support, it was designed by a presenter for their own use. The house is a mixture of the houses Iceland and France, but also has influences from our houses Canada and Sweden. This Chalet is perfect for people who want to live a minimalist life or who would like to have a second home.

If you are interested in a house as a primary residence on a PRIVATE PROPERTY, all houses up to 50 sqm are possible. The houses Copenhagen and California are possible up to 56 sqm. We do not plan houses over 56 sqm for a PRIMARY RESIDENCE ON A PRIVATE PROPERTY. Exception: On camp-sites, holiday plots or plots that do not prescribe GEG 2020, houses up to 70 sqm are easily possible. Whether as a primary residence, second home or as a holiday home.


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