Chalet Office

The Chalet Office

Install your own office in the garden. Or do you have a commercial space and want to expand it? Then our chalet office offers the perfect solution for you.  With a length of up to 14 m and 5 m width, you can plan your office wheeled or without wheels with us. No matter whether as a gable roof or flat roof, with toilet, kitchenette or completely empty. Also the window arrangement as well as the floor plan are freely selectable.
Up to 14m long and 5m wide

If you are interested in a house as a primary residence on a PRIVATE PROPERTY, all houses up to 50 sqm are possible. The houses Copenhagen and California are possible up to 56 sqm. We do not plan houses over 56 sqm for a PRIMARY RESIDENCE ON A PRIVATE PROPERTY. Exception: On camp-sites, holiday plots or plots that do not prescribe GEG 2020, houses up to 70 sqm are easily possible. Whether as a primary residence, second home or as a holiday home.