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Chalet Switzerland

Preis: 99.000 €

Special Price: 79.000 €

Chalet Switzerland offers everything you could want in a small space and is therefore perfect as a rental property. A full and spacious, bright kitchen-living space with a counter provides a cosy atmosphere and invites you to stay. The bright bathroom is equipped with high-quality furniture and a shower. The two bedrooms offer enough space for 3-4 people and are wonderfully luminous thanks to the windows. The highlight of the house is the roofed terrace, which is permanently connected to the house and can be used all year round


  • Dimensions: 9.38 m length x 5.17 m width (incl. terrace)
  • steel chassis
  • Wooden framework
  • Various thicknesses of insulation
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Exterior facade made of Siberian larch
  • Interior walls made of spruce/fir
  • Fixed electriacal connections
  • Saddle roof
  • Rainwater pipe


  • Full bathroom with space for washing machine and dryer
  • Spacious, full kitchen with counter space
  • LED lighting
  • TV connection
  • Infrared radiator (optional gas)
  • Design vinyl flooring
  • Additional room with built-in wardrobe and bunk bed
  • roofed terrace with matching railing

Make an appointment at one of our two local branches, and let the models and different floor plans inspire you. In real life, the houses have a different impact than numbers, lengths and widths on paper.


Room-Tour “Chalet Switzerland”

Chalet Switzerland
Price: 99.000 €
Special Price: 79.000 €

The chalet can be seen on the show ground in Zierenberg.