Chalet Austria ??

The Chalet can be viewed on our exhibition site in Zierenberg, Germany.

Chalet Austria

Our Chalet Austria provides space for a fixed residence, as a holiday home or as a commercial object.
The Chalet has a pitched roof with an open (like in the pictures), or if desired, closed ceiling structure with open beams that give the house a touch of cosiness. It is available with a flat roof, with a mono-pitched roof or with a pitched roof. The rustic wood look gives the house a cosy feel-good atmosphere. If you like wood and a warm and rustic feeling, Chalet Austria is the right choice for you. Bring a piece of Austria home! The highlight of this mobile Chalet is, next to the rustic, cosy materials, the large conservatory, that can be used, for example, as a dining or living area.

• timber studding
• steel chassis
• double-glazed windows with plastic frames
• winter-proof insulation (various insulation levels)
• interior and exterior wooden cladding
• exterior water tap and exterior socket according to your choice
• pitched roof with roof overhang
• exterior cladding: Siberian larch

• fully equipped kitchen
• fully equipped bathroom
• utility room
• 2 bedrooms possible
• box-spring bed
• built-in cupboard system
• LED lighting
• TV connection
• washing machine connection planned
• infra-red heating system
• large floor-length windows
• design floor

This is what you can choose while planning the house individually:

  • Due to the elaborate construction of this Chalet, the layout is fixed here!
  • your personal design (which you can choose from our samples)
  • exterior facade
  • interior walls
  • floors
  • bathroom panelling
  • kitchen colour
  • brand of the individual kitchen appliances
  • window colour
  • socket colour
  • type of heating system
  • radiator colour
  • colour of built-in cupboards
  • roofing colour
  • roof drainage colour
  • windows with or without muntins
  • type of roofing (standing seam sheet metal or faux roof tiles)

additional options:

  • compact air conditioning unit
  • blinds
  • box-spring bed
  • mirror of an existing floor plan

Once you have chosen the layout from our templates, you cannot change it anymore. Roof inclination and roof shape are also prescribed. You do, however, have the chance to design your house according to your taste and wishes and combine the colours so that it fits you perfectly. In a planning consultation, you will be supported in your choices by one of our competent employees.  

In this way, any of our layouts can be realised in the style of a particular model – or in your own personal style.

Important information!
We construct our small but excellent Chalets with up to 50 sqm living area. Our model Copenhagen can be constructed with 56 sqm, and is eligible for KfW subsidies. Before you rule out this “small” size, feel free to make an appointment at one of our exhibition sites and see for yourself how spacious this small space really is. You have the option of choosing between different proposed floor plans, depending on the house.

Make an appointment at one of our two local branches, and let the models and different floor plans inspire you. In real life, the houses have a different impact than numbers, lengths and widths on paper.


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Mobile Home Austria

Wall frontage / wooden facade

  • The Mobile Home, named model ”Austria”, has a pitched roof with an open (like in the pictures) or a closed beam structure.
  • The Mobile Home is constructed ENTIRELY from wood (the chassis is made of metal)
  • The Mobile Home is insulated with rock wool: Walls, floor, roof. 10-15 cm are considered winter-proof in the field of mobile home construction.
  • The Mobile Home is heated via infra-red radiators (electric) and via a wood-burning oven. If desired, a gas-heating system is also possible.
  • As interior cladding we use spruce or NEW birch, see »Mobile Home Canada
  • The exterior facade is Cape Cod quality (specially processed wood we use for our exterior facades). Wood defects such as piths and other visible imperfections are either removed or corrected with epoxy resin. Additionally, each knot is injected with polyurethane resin before being treated. Therefore, it can be nearly completely ruled out that the knot breaks or rises later.
  • The raw product is heated to 88 °C and the resin crystallises, which minimises the chances of resin exuding later.
  • The wood’s surface is treated when the wood moisture content is at 12 %. This guarantees an even absorption of the colour coating. The treatment is conducted via 2 x 6-sided vacuum technology. The colour coatings from global market leader PPG contain a large proportion of titanium pigments, which guarantee colour fastness and longevity. Due to this processing technology, Cape Cod guarantees 15 years coating warranty.
  • The roof is made of aluminium and has winter-proof insulation. This model has a roof overhang of 10 cm and exterior lighting. Why have a roof overhang? This reduces the “container character” of the house and holds off the rain. Furthermore, the exterior light fitting can be mounted here.
  • A bathroom, equipped with a shower, WC and basin, available in a rustic look as can be seen in the pictures, or new and modern like in “Mobile Home Canada”
  • The kitchen with stove, oven, dishwasher, sink and an open shelf system, available with a rustic worktop (see pictures) or a modern kitchen to fit your needs.
  • The bedroom area in the Mobile Home Austria is big enough for a double bed and a wardrobe.
  • A small corridor leads from the living and dining area to the bathroom and bedroom.
  • This Mobile Home model has exterior window shutters. If you like, we can also install electric shutters.
  • Transportation takes place via a transporting company, which we can organise for you. This applies to assembly as well.
  • The dimensions for this model can vary. From a length of 12 m to a width of 4.5 m (54 sqm). The Mobile Home in the picture is 12 m in length and 3.2 m in width (38.4 sqm). The height is 3.90 m (height of pitched roof).
    NEW: The Mobile Home Austria is also available with a flat roof.
  • If desired, we can case the wheels (like in the first picture in the gallery on our exhibition site) so that the house looks like a “real”, fixed house.
  • Or, if you don’t need your home to be mobile, but you like the model, you can order it without the chassis.
  • NEW: If you want to use the object as a holiday home to rent out:  We recommend not choosing wooden exterior cladding in this case; here we have a novelty in our range: imitation wood resembling Siberian larch. This product is unbeatable regarding lightweight longevity and durability. It is not necessary to give this material any exterior treatment, even after years of usage.