We equip your Chalet
according to your wishes

What distinguishes a chalet from a Tiny house?

A Tiny House in Germany translates to “small house”. We refer to ours as Tiny when they are built for the road.

Here we follow the specifications of the TÜV. Max length 6m and max width 3m.

The transit is made by a towing vehicle, which can pull 3.5 tons. As a rule, we bring a Tiny House directly to the customer.

A chalet can be built with or without wheels. It can be used as a permanent residence or a vacation home or office.

The dimensions here are up to 14 m in length and 5 m in width. Thus, you are much more flexible in terms of design with a chalet.

Chalets possible uses

  • for living
  • holiday home or private retreat
  • camping house
  • tree house
  • therapy room or yoga room
  • garden house
  • office
  • art studio
  • house for grandparents or guests
  • party house
  • several wagons as an extension to a hotel or holiday resort

Whether a Chalet as a vacation home or living space, as a chalet party house or as a studio. The variety of uses of Chalets are very large.

A Chalet as a yoga room, rental property, art room, a Chalet therapy room, party room or a Chalet as a hunting lodge. All these are possible ideas.

Contact us or write us your idea and we will do everything to make your wishes come true.