The Vital Camp GmbH
offers you an ALL-IN bundle

1. Fall in love with the house

On our exhibition site you can always view 8-10 models. Once a month we host exhibition days on which you can view and examine all of our models, and ask our sales team and craftspeople questions.

2. Finding the right plot

When looking for a suitable plot, we recommend you contact a real estate agent in the area you choose. You need a developed plot – that means a normal building plot. If you are planning to set up the house in your parents’/children’s/friends’ garden, you will need the assistance of our construction engineer (step 4), who will clarify things for you with the authorities…

3. Planning transportation

Before you apply for the permit, you need to clarify if the house will be transported to the site via truck or crane. We are happy to assist you with transportation.

4. Building permit

Our specialists (engineers and architects) are happy to help you manage the building permit process.  Our experts can guide you through a preliminary building application (if necessary) to a building permit. In some cases, information from a specialist is enough. A road-worthy house with a door does not require a permit because it comprises caravan-technology and is built like a caravan for travellers. A chalet used as a fixed residence, however, requires a permit from the authorities as well as from the municipality.

5. Planning the house

Now you start planning your house with us. You can express your wishes in an appointment on-site or over the telephone, and plan your dream house with us. You will then receive a precise quotation. If you decide on one of our over 60 floor plan examples, work and planning will be easier. If you choose your own individual floor plan, we will charge 500 Euros for the invested planning of the draughtswoman, as well for the examination of statics by the architect. Once planning is completed, the contract is signed.

6. Building the house

Now you can look forward to your house being constructed! Our team will be in contact with you, and will support you throughout the construction phase.

7. Preparing the plot

You will receive the drawing of the connections and of the foundation from our team. Usually, we recommend 2 longitudinal foundations along the length of the house. The width and depth are 50 cm. If you do not want to see the wheels, you can excavate half a metre and lay the strip foundations there. Or, you can also order the house without wheels. The decision about the type of foundation and grounding for a chalet depends on the condition and load-bearing capacity of the subsoil. Mainly, strip foundations are used for our chalets.

Apart from this, foundations must always be laid at a frost-free depth, that means at a depth of approx. 80 to 120 cm from the ground surface.

While the house is being constructed, you take care of preparing the plot.
waste water
strip foundations

8. Completion and transportation

Once your house is completed and a transportation permit has been granted (this can take 2-8 weeks), your dream house can be delivered. We will help you find the right transport service provider.

9. Connections

Once the house has been set up, it has to be connected by a professional electrician/plumber. Our team will provide you with the relevant documents in advance.

10. Heading over the keys

There is nothing better than coming home – especially if your home is a Tiny House! Congratulations on your Tiny House!

11. Moving in, getting settled, feeling at home …

Make yourself comfortable in your new house and find peace of mind.

Our services are not only the planning and construction

We offer our customers an additional service: In order to set up a Tiny House or a chalet (for living or renting), you must first obtain a parking permit or road permit from the building authorities.

Since November 2018, we have been offering our customers the possibility of having access to a specialist who, according to the customer’s wishes, will make a preliminary building request, a building application and, if required, will give expert advice on the property

Furthermore, we have a financial advisor who obtains the appropriate offer from the banks for our customers. And we organise all transport for a Tiny House or a Chalet.

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