Our services are not
only the planning
and construction

We offer our customers an additional service: In order to set up a Tiny House or a chalet (for living or renting), you must first obtain a parking permit or road permit from the building authorities.

Since November 2018, we have been offering our customers the possibility of having access to a specialist who, according to the customer’s wishes, will make a preliminary building request, a building application and, if required, will give expert advice on the property

Furthermore, we have a financial advisor who obtains the appropriate offer from the banks for our customers. And we organise all transport for a Tiny House or a Chalet.


Our task starts with the pre-application, continues with individual planning and
design and ends with the heavy transport at your home.
Check out our » ALL-IN package and take a look at our IMPORTANT information videos (German):

Discover the steps to your dream house

Fall in love with the house

On our two show grounds in Zierenberg and Flensburg you have the opportunity to view 8-10 models. On our show days, sales staff and craftsmen are always available to answer your questions.

Finding the right plot

Not yet the right property? Then we recommend to visit a real estate agent nearby. If you want to put the house in the garden, you need a civil engineer (step 4).

Planning transportation

We check the location for you and organize the subsequent transport

Building permit

Our team of architects and civil engineers will be happy to help you navigate the building permit process. Please note that you will need a building permit for all chalets over 30 cubic feet of living space.

Planning the house

Now you go with us into the house planning. In an individual appointment you can tell us your wishes and plan your dream house with us. At the end you will get all plans to your house incl. connections and foundation plans” instead of cost estimate.

Building the house

Now the planning is complete and you can look forward to the construction of your dream home full of relaxation! During the entire construction phase, we will be in contact with you and keep you up to date.

Preparing the plot

You will receive from our team the drawing of the connections, as well as the foundation drawing. During the time you will take care of the preparation of the plot.

Completion and transportation

After the completion and approval process, your dream house can be delivered. We support you in the communication with the transport service provider.


When the house stands, it must be connected by a specialist (electrician/plumber). In the run-up, we are at your side with advice and ensure that you receive the relevant documents in advance.

Heading over the keys

Now we come to the most important and beautiful step of the whole trip, the handover of the keys! If everything went according to your satisfaction, you will receive the key to your dream house from us

Moving in, getting settled, feeling at home …

The journey begins. Now you can furnish your dream house as you wish. We wish you a lot of fun with your dream house and thank you for your trust.