Development & Philosophy
of Vital Camp GmbH

Founder of Vital camp GmbH, Valeria Feist

Small but excellent. Up to 60 sqm. Quality, homeliness, comfort, and functionality. Sustainable and flexible. A person does not need much space to be happy. If the concept is built according to fit individual needs, we can make everyone happy.
Whether a Tiny House or a Chalet, as a holiday home, a self-sufficient travelling Tiny House or a Chalet to live in, an office or a yoga space or maybe as a rental. All this can be realised with our constructions.

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Our contact in planning, advice and construction supervision

from the left: Valeria Feist, Tobias Wupper und Miriam Raich

Our motto is be different… be special… make progress… achieve your goals… and help others make progress..nThink outside the box… Look beyond your limits… Tread new paths… Take the plunge … And make other people happy!

“Mobile Tiny House” is a start-up by the company Vital Camp GmbH that has come to put projects into practice throughout Europe. Everything started with just 5 Tiny Houses. In the meantime, the company has expanded into constructing Tiny Houses and Mobile Homes; the portfolio is vast. With their own manufacture and additional collaborations with large construction firms, the company can produce one wooden Tiny House after the other. Commercial and private customers find their most suitable solution with Vital Camp GmbH. You can visit the exhibition site in 34289 Zierenberg, Oelshausen in Germany to view all models, find inspiration and receive a consultation.

Founder of the start-up is Valeria Feist:
“Because many customers asked us if we could construct a larger mobile house, we decided to open a new sector. Our Mobile Homes! These are naturally more suitable as a fixed residence than the Tiny Houses because they have more space and therefore can integrate more amenities. Here, we neither need to pay attention to weight restrictions nor to a special layout. There is no need to limit the house’s width to 2.5 m. Together with us, customers can compose their own house and have us manufacture it. NEW in our range are the same houses, but without wheels.”

Our strengths lie in listening, consulting and anticipating needs.
For us the customer always takes first place and we take our time for a thorough consultation. Our skill set does not only include consultation but also follow-up: we support you through the entire project. Our strengths incorporate the whole process from the preliminary building application, the building application, planning, production to the coordination of transportation for your Tiny House or Mobile Home. Our customers include students, young couples with a specific vision for their future, but also commercial customers who have become aware of the advantages of a Tiny House. Furthermore, we have a lot of mature customers who would like to retreat to an idyllic place and enjoy nature and also have their grandchildren visit.

Why not also take the plunge, and fulfil your dream of your own wooden house! Every wooden house is unique and has its own soul!

We look forward to your visit or your enquiry.