Visit us on our 2000 m² exhibition areas
in Zierenberg


❄️ 14.01.2023 (booked up)
❄️ 04.02.2023 (booked up)
🌷 04.03.2023 (booked up)
🌷 01.04.2023
☀️ 17.06.2023
🍂 16.09.2023
❄️ 16.12.2023

You can discover the following
Chalets and Tiny Houses
and have a walkthrough:

It is important for us to know what you are planning so that we can find the right advisor for you. Are you starting from scratch or do you already own a property?

We are pleased about your message.

Our contact

in planning, advice and construction supervision

from the left Tobias Wupper (Branch Management/Construction Management Europe) and Miriam Raich (Management Assistant and Foreign Language Correspondent). 

from the left Lucy Tietzer (Construction Supervision) and Jan Schwarz (Facility Management). 

Here you will find our showground

Showground “Mitte”
Neuer Weg 6a
34289 Zierenberg – Oelshausen
Phone: +49 5606 5589990

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Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
We recommend you make an appointment in advance by phone!