Tiny House Alp Cabin for kids (unique specimen)


This Tiny House can be viewed on our exhibition site in Zierenberg, Germany.

Tiny House Alp Cabin for kids

• Basic substance:
Larch wood
External casing: Recovered wood, brushed for a sun-scorched look
Roof: Larch shingles, double-laid
Bell tower: From Tyrol (company hochl in St. Johann)
Rafter covers: Sheet copper
Windows: Fully functional with sealing 5 mm flexi-glazing, astragal look
Front door:  Herringbone pattern, lockable with secure steel lock
Floor:  25 mm oiled larch
veranda: 80 cm porch with larch posts and recovered wood boards
Cross gable joist from a 50-year-old farm with engraving
Window shutters and window boxes made from old larch floor boards
• interior: Two sets of dishes, kitchenette area with door, 2 benches, small table
•Width: 248 cm
• Length (incl. veranda): 237 cm (without porch roof), with porch roof: 250 cm
• Height of gable: 245 cm (without bell tower)
• Cost of delivery: 300 €  (within Germany),  600 €  € (outside of Germany)

Price on request.