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Mobile Tiny House “Coast” 2 (XL)

Our Tiny House “Coast” XL is also unique due to its timeless wood look. With a living space of 6m in length the Tiny House “Coast” XL provides space for well-being and restfulness.

• Dimensions: 6m x 2.5m – living area throughout the complete 6m length
• Weight: 3.3t
• Bathroom: WC Thretford rotatable cassette toilet with its own tank and hand pump, shower 80/100, washbasin and mirror
• Kitchen: top and base cabinets Nobilia, sink Dometic, with glass covering, fridge Dometic RM5310 60 litres, gas-230V-12V operation, if desired also sink from normal kitchen range
• Sleeping area: 120/200 spring mattress, if desired surround
• Dining area: folding table with 2 folding chairs
• Exterior facade: free selection in many colours
• Interior design: tongue and groove board spruce/pine white or natural

You can find out more about our Tiny House “Coast” XL in the added brochure.

Tiny House Coast 2 (XL)

The tiny house can be seen on the show grounds in Flensburg and Zierenberg.