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Tiny House Elsass

A dream for a small family or for a party of 2.
This Tiny House has its own unique charm due to its size and height. Even for tall people it does not feel too cramped.
Large front windows provide the Tiny House with a plenty of light and cosiness. A built-in kitchen, a bathroom and a solid staircase offer enough space for up to 4 people.

The Tiny House Elsass qualifies perfectly as a micro house for renting purposes. It is ideal for all those who wish to make their dream come true and would like to place it in their small garden. Another option is to use the Tiny House as an extension to an already existing hotel complex.


  • Road-approved self-braked towed platform
  • Graphite steel roofing
  • Road-approved galvanised metal chassis

Cladding and external joinery

  • Wood cladding – green – vertical
  • Sheet metal
  • Anthracite sheet metal
  • External Joinery
  • Anthracite joinery
  • Roller shutters in parent’s bedroom, impossible on the first floor


  • 60 mm sandwich sheet on the roof
  • Simple thermobubble on the periphery

Sanitary and Bathroom

  • Gas boiler suction cup
  • 80 x 80 shower cubicle with ceramic shower tray
  • WC with 3/6 litre flush
  • Electric radiant heater 500 W


  • Comfort ticking foam mattress
  • Parent’s room Bed on foots 140×190 cm
  • Room 2 (mezzanine) Beds 80×190 without foots
  • Electric radiant heater 500 W


  • Fridge freezer White
  • 2 burner induction hob


  • 2 wooden folding chairs
  • Dining room table
  • Curtains
  • Leatherette curry sofa


  • TV swivel arm
  • Centralized wastewater pipe

Tiny House Elsass

The tiny house can be seen on the show ground in Flensburg.