Our Tiny House models are suitable for all seasons!

A Tiny House as a living space, a holiday home, as a Tiny House office or a garden house. There is a vast range of possibilities to incorporate a Tiny House into your life.

A Tiny House as a yoga room, as an object to rent out, as an art studio, as a therapy room, a party room or as a hunting lodge. All of the above are ideas that we have already put into practice.

A Tiny House Sauna at home that you can share with the neighbours. For commercial use, on a camp site or for a senior family member. A Tiny House for children or a mobile Alp Cabin… All of these can be accomplished with a Tiny House.

Talk to us or write to us about your ideas. We will do everything to make your dreams come true!

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Tiny House possible uses

  • for living
  • holiday home or private retreat
  • camping house
  • tree house
  • therapy room or yoga room
  • garden house
  • office
  • art studio
  • house for grandparents or guests
  • party house
  • several wagons as an extension to a hotel or holiday resort
  • for exhibitions

Come home to a place where your heart and soul can find tranquillity.