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when it comes to the construction
and furnishing of our houses.

Vital Camp GmbH Partners

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Would you like to spend the night in one of our alpine huts?

Arriving & feeling good
The Tiny Houses of Vital Camp GmbH are becoming part of our vacation resort BUNTER BOCK – the Harz-Urlaubs-Alm.
Surrounded by quaint lakes, forests along with biking and hiking trails, the Harz-Urlaubs-Alm is the ideal place to switch off and relax.

BUNTER BOCK – Die Harz-Urlaubs-Alm
Am Brink 11
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

tel: +49 5323 99491 0
mail: info@harz-urlaubs-alm.de
web: www.harz-urlaubs-alm.de

Vital Camp GmbH Partners

Vital Camp GmbH Service Jordan

Tiny House Service Logo Jordan

W. & L. Jordan GmbH 

Horst-Dieter-Jordan-Straße 7-10
D-34134 Kassel

tel: +49 / (0) 5 61 / 9 41 77-0
web: www.jordanshop.de

Vital Camp GmbH Partners

Vital Camp GmbH Service – Chimneys from Kaminzimmer Kassel


Chimneys for a lifetime.

tel: +49 (0) 561 50 33 2013
web: www.kaminzimmer.de

Vital Camp GmbH Partners

Vital Camp GmbH Service – Mattresses from Noxbrothers


Test and purchase mattresses in our Tiny Village

tel: +49 (0) 511 30 49 693
web: www.noxbrothers.de

Vital Camp GmbH Partners

Markus, 37 years old, trained interior designer:
“I like good design in the living area, so I startred my own business in 2010.
I enjoy advising you in interior design matters and realizing our ideas together.”

Stey Shop

Scandinavian Design.

tel: 0561-49975076
web: https://www.stey-shop.de/Information/Ladengeschaeft/


Tiny House Service Waas

Vital Camp GmbH Service Waas

Vital Camp GmbH Service Waas

CARAVAN SERVICE WAAS (owner: Martin Waas)
Neuer Weg 6
34389 Zierenberg

tel: + 49 (0) 561- 82 03 527
web: www.caravan-service-waas.de

All repairs, TÜV, gas test and special entries, custom-built designs authorised Truma dealer and service partner