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  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 02-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 01-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 03-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 04-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 05-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 06-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 07-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 09-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 08-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 10-vital-camp-gmbh
  • 2021 Tiny House Schweden 11-vital-camp-gmbh

This Tiny House can be viewed on our exhibition sites in Zierenberg, Germany.

Mobie Tiny House Sweden


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The Tiny House Sweden has a cosy and rustic look and feel. You can, if you like, keep the interior walls in the Tiny House Sweden more “modern”. The difference to the mobile » wooden house France is the missing veranda. Here, the entrance is on the side and the space is fully taken advantage of in the interior. This space can hold an L or U-shaped couch perfectly, which can also be a sofa bed. A ladder or fixed staircase provides access to your beautiful and large sleeping loft. If desired, we can integrate a small kitchen unit and a fully equipped bathroom. The wooden house is available in 6m, 7m and 8 m length and 2.5 m width. If the Tiny House is built to be roadworthy, we of course consider the customer’s wishes and pay special attention to the weight. The Tiny House is then built with 6 m length and a total weight of 3 t. From 7 m the Tiny House will be heavier than 3.5 t. The Tiny House Sweden is available in 6, 7 and 8 metres. New:  Tiny House Sweden now also available without wheels!!


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