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The chalet named model “Iceland” provides space for people as a fixed residence, a holiday home or as a commercial object. The chalet has a flat roof, with an open (like in the pictures), or if desired, closed beam structure that gives the house a touch of cosiness.
The modern look, combined with the natural raw materials, gives the house a modern and at the same time cosy feel. The Scandinavian construction makes the house feel timeless.
Insulation, heating, bathroom and kitchen equipment, as well as interior and exterior cladding can be selected freely. This house has a double bedroom with various wardrobes as storage and a sleeping nook in the loft. A large open-plan kitchen gives you the feeling of being at home. The bathroom comprises a shower, washbasin with mirror, gas boiler and additional fitting for washer/dryer.
The motto here is small but smart and with everything you need.
You can view our chalet Iceland on our exhibition site now!

The size varies from 7m length to 12m length, the width up to 4.5m.
8.5m x 3.2m height from the ground.

If you are interested in a house as a primary residence on a PRIVATE PROPERTY, all houses up to 50 sqm are possible. The houses Copenhagen and California are possible up to 56 sqm. We do not plan houses over 56 sqm for a PRIMARY RESIDENCE ON A PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Exception: On camp-sites, holiday plots or plots that do not prescribe GEG 2020, houses up to 70 sqm are easily possible. Whether as a primary residence, second home or as a holiday home.


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