Chalet Taiga

Only 95.000 € instead of 105.500 €

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The Chalet can be viewed on our exhibition site in Zierenberg, Germany.

 Chalet Taiga

Only 95.000 € instead of 105.500 € – available immediately

Chalet Taiga bears its name with good reason, as the robust Siberian larch facade with triple glazing shows. The Chalet boasts underfloor heating, and air conditioning for hot days.

The 2 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and the bathroom complete the 12 m x 4 m Chalet. Large windows flood the home with light, and the impressive facade with a modern look gives the Chalet its timeless appeal.

This is what you can choose with Chalet Taiga:

The Chalet Taiga is not an order item, but a serial production, which means the house is already planned to ensure the short-term availability and the price. Therefore, no changes by the customer are possible.

Important information!
We construct our small but excellent Chalets with up to 50 sqm living area. Our model Copenhagen can be constructed with 56 sqm, and is eligible for KfW subsidies. Before you rule out this “small” size, feel free to make an appointment at one of our exhibition sites and see for yourself how spacious this small space really is. You have the option of choosing between different proposed floor plans, depending on the house.

Make an appointment at one of our two local branches, and let the models and different floor plans inspire you. In real life, the houses have a different impact than numbers, lengths and widths on paper.