Mobile Tiny House France ??

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Modell 2

Mobile Tiny House France

Has a cosy and rustic look and feel. You can, if you like, keep the interior walls more modern. Furnished with a wooden veranda and a large astragal terrace window, the mobile Tiny House on wheels maintains a cosy atmosphere. A ladder or stairs provide access to a small sleeping loft, the bedroom. We construct the house for you without furniture. If desired, we can build in a small kitchen unit and a fully equipped bathroom. If the Tiny House is built to be roadworthy, we of course consider the customer’s wishes and pay special attention to the weight. The Tiny House is then built with 6 m length and a total weight of 3 t. From 7 m the Tiny House will be heavier than 3.5 t. New: Tiny House France now also available without wheels!! The Tiny House is available in 6m, 7m and 8 m length and 2.5 m width.


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