Chalet Alm Hut

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Mobile Chalet Alm Hut

You can easily bring the cosy, warm feeling of an alpine pasture hut to your home with our Chalet Alm hut! You can use our idyllic Alm Hut perfectly as a holiday home, a rental property or as an additional house in the garden. The mobile Chalet is available in 6m – 8m length and 3m width. Small but excellent is the motto here. Exactly as you would expect it in the Alps. The object in the pictures is 6 m long, 3.15 m (incl. roof overhang) wide, and 3 m high. Furthermore, it is made completely from reclaimed wood. The lovingly designed elements and the modern technology make this house totally unique. The Chalet is equipped with sleeping facilities for parents and child, a rustic dining area, a small and cute kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower, toilet and wash basin. Fixed house connections, winter-proof insulation, underfloor heating and many other details make this object so unique and valuable.

• timber studding
• reclaimed wood inside and outside
• winter-proof insulation


This model in available in 3 construction levels. Please contact one of our employees for more information ( or +49 5606 5589990).

The Chalet Alm Hut is available in the following dimensions:

6 m to 8 m length x 3 m width.