Chalet Alm Hut

Chalet Alm Hut

Bring the feeling of a mountain hut home with our Chalet Alm Hut. You also have the option of ordering the chalet as a holiday home, for renting out, or as a garden hut.

The chalet is available in 6 m to 8 m in length and 3 m in width. Small but excellent is the motto here. Just like you remember it from your holidays in the good old days.

The object in our pictures is 6 m long, 3.15 m (incl. roof overhang) wide, and 3 m high. Furthermore, it is made completely of reclaimed wood. The lovingly designed elements and the modern technology make this house totally unique.

The chalet is equipped with sleeping facilities for parents and child, a rustic dining area, a small and cute kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower, toilet and wash basin. Fixed house connections, winter-proof insulation, underfloor heating and many other details make this property so unique and valuable.

Price: 98.000 €

The Chalet Alm Hut is available in the following dimensions:

6 m to 8 m length x 3 m width.